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This is a small game meant to just piss you off.
Now it's not TECHNICALLY finished, but we here at Lockyz Dev fully believe in "THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE" and have created the ability for you to play a VERY unfinished version of the game in order to help us with our research into what we should/shouldn't add to this game.


  • A very BASIC AI that chases the player and activates a "game over' sequence.
  • A randomly generated maze EACH LOAD. This means it's a completely unique experience every time you restart the level.
  • LITERALLY nothing else of note. I mean, there's pong, but other then that, we're not sure there's anything else in the game.

Below is a list of features we plan to add:

  • A more complex enemy AI. At the moment all the enemy does is find and then commit murder against you. We want to make this more complex, allow them to collide with walls, properly pathfind towards your location, and then give you a massive jump scare
  • MORE Easter Eggs, the amount of Easter Eggs currently within the game can be counted on one hand... 1... Literally, the Pong game on the main menu was created JUST to give this game SOMETHING to do. And even that is unfinished.
  • Speaking of the Main Menu we want to improve that, it's not the best and definitely could be better.
  • An actual ending area. Right now the only "ending" to this game is being caught by the monster. That's going to change and we REALLY want that to happen.
  • Speaking of the Monster we want to give them a proper model with complex animations. Yeah, we know floating fire isn't scary.


Trello Page - Know what's currently in the game, what is being worked on, and what's ready to be added.

Discord - Get updates on the development of the game and maybe even speak with the very very tired developers.

Patreon - Help financially support the development of the game and gain complete access to everything when it releases.

Website - Find more information about our projects, ourselves, and maybe yourself along the way.

Lockyz Dev
AuthorLockyz Dev
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksWebsite, Discord, Patreon, YouTube, Twitter


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